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'Wild' GIFs Invade The Streets Of London

Creative studio is fusing street art and GIF art by planting digital picture frames throughout the city.

UK-based creative studio In Return is giving street art a tongue-in-cheek twist. This past spring, they "erased" graffiti and public signs with an IRL Photoshop eraser, and now they're bringing GIFs to the streets of London. In "GIFs Go Wild" the studio, comprised of Guus ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier, mounted frames of endlessly repeating animations at bus stations, bustling streets, and nearby tourist attractions like the London Eye.


In a video documenting the project, tourist walk by the unadorned frame and do a double-take upon realizing there's moving images of Disney characters and Nintendo games planted on newspaper vending machines. Part innocuous prank, part interesting juxtaposition of digital media in a physical setting, "GIFs Go Wild" inspires some interesting ideas about how digital frames can be used in unusual ways. All passers-by treat the object like a novelty now, but with digital frames like Electric Objects and FRAMED* 2.0 on the way, maybe curbside GIFs won't feel all too surprising in the near future.

See some images from the project below, and head over to In Return's site for more info on the company.

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