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MoMA Is Selling Moritz Waldemeyer's $600 Candle of the Future

Now you can have an algorithmically-powered candlelit dinner whenever you want.

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The gentle flicker of Moritz Waldemeyer's digital candle substitute, My New Flame, is mesmerizing and tasteful—enough so that the Museum of Modern Art design store has decided to begin carrying the $600 decoration for its spring season. Fueled by an algorithm that keeps its small, 256-bulb LED display from repeating two flame-like movements in a row, the simple electronic device is nearly indistinguishable from a normal candle at a distance. A departure from the statement-making Millinery For The 21st Century, a spinning headpiece that turns its wearer into a walking, glowing tornado, My New Flame's simple elegance provides the perfect ambiance for a digital glass of wine.


Visit Waldemeyer's website for more of his mesmerizing, illuminated artistry.

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