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London's New Bridge Might Be a Sci-Fi Masterpiece

A never-ending rainbow and a jellyfish-like tentacles are just two of the designs submitted to London's Nine Elms to Pimlico Bridge Competition
February 25, 2015, 4:35pm

A new London Bridge is going up, though what it will look like remains to be seen. As of now, 74 architecture firms have submitted concepts that range from a tangle of jellyfish-like glowing beams to a purple and yellow facade reminiscent of DNA strands. All designs are currently anonymous, but on March 9 a jury of architects selected by the London Borough of Wandsworth will choose the "best team, capable of designing and delivering a unique landmark bridge for this part of London." The winners won't necessarily wind up creating the design that they've submitted to the Nine Elms to Pimlico Bridge Competition, but if the minds behind the never-ending rainbow bridge are in charge, expect something very out of the box.


The final winner will be announced on July 24, after two more rounds of design and judgement. Check out a few of our favorite pictures from the first round of designs below:

Learn more about the Nine Elms to Pimlico Bridge Competition on its website, and peruse the rest of the designs here.

Via NEP Bridge Competition


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