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Behind the Scenes of a Flying Robot-Built Cocoon

Aurora goes through a creative and technological metamorphosis with the help of some friendly flying robots.

The Creators Project goes behind the scenes with Norwegian musical artist Aurora, director Simon Thirlaway, and Carnegie Mellon University's Robust Adaptive Systems Lab team on the music video shoot for "Winter Bird," featuring the artist inside a large-scale "cocoon" constructed with choreographed flying robots carrying gauzy fabric and LED lights. Aurora explains how her fascination with the intersection of nature and technology is realized through this organic structure built through robotic programming, and how the video's theme symbolizes her own artistic development. We get first hand insight into how Thirlaway, Carnegie Mellon's Ali Momeni, and their respective crews teamed up and were challenged technologically to bring Aurora's cinematic and ethereal vision to life.


To learn more about Aurora's dark folk pop music for her latest ablum All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friendclick here.

Check out the full music video here:


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