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'Pee World VR' Is Everything It Sounds Like

And so, so much more.
Images courtesy the artists

If you’ve ever dreamt about urinating into the Grand Canyon, well…

With Pee World VR, you can go virtually anywhere! This new piece of immersive software puts you in control of both an unyielding stream of bright yellow urine and a variety of different environments. Pee at a Trump rally! Pee in space! Pee on all those places you've only dreamt of urinating at, in, or on without the risk of persecution. With a handheld VR viewer like Google Cardboard and Pee World VR, kiss jailtime for indecent exposure and hefty public urination fines goodbye.


Pee World VR was designed by creative programmers Grant Thomas and Pablo Rochat, two American engineers with the intrepid dream of turning public urination into an escape of literally epic proportions. While there's currently no 'sitting down' option, we're hoping VR—the "empathy machine"—will soon let you choose how you want to let it flow. Grab your headset and not your junk (seriously if you pee yourself while playing Pee World VR, we will laugh at you) and dive, er… Let 'er rip!

Liberate yourself and check out short the app on its website.


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