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Sushi Art Makes Your Sad Desk Lunch A Little More Vibrant

Because you don't win friends with salad.

Toxel pointed us towards an innovation in lunch that could make your cubicle a little more whimsicle. Japanese artist Takayo Kiyota takes familiar eel rolls and spicy tempura and molds them into something we can definetely note as obsolescent art. The colorful sushi is cute, amusing and definitely delictable -- a serious improvement from our sad desk lunches. Using your standard sushi ingredients like rice, seaweed, and fish along with food dye, Kiyota cleverly makes cats, iPhones, Chershire cats and more before presumably gobbling up the snacks.


There are definitely other sushi artists out there so we have to ask if there isn't a collective we haven't heard of yet. Do they meet at Jiro's place and talk sushi gossip? Are there sub-movements like 'surrealist sushi' or 'seapunk sushi'? We may never know -- I assume the society is very underground -- but we found some other crazy sushi designs from around the web. Check out the results below:

Obama Sushi

Photo via Culinary Chick

Pokemon Sushi

Meta-Sushi (whoa)

Image via Weird Asia News

This may just be an arbitrary trend - but maybe it's the future of food. Will we choose aesthetic values over taste and quality? All food -- even the natural stuff like sushi -- could be iridescent and techni-colored when our kids grow up. No one can say, but these sushi designs undoubtedly brightened our boring wraps from the nearest bodega.