And Now, Frank Kaminsky Rubbing His Ball


This story is over 5 years old.


And Now, Frank Kaminsky Rubbing His Ball

Frank Kaminsky and the Wisconsin Badgers made quite an appearance on CBS' Selection Show. They stoically applauded themselves and then Frank Kaminsky got a little weird.

Frank Kaminsky and the Wisconsin Badgers won the Big Ten tournament in overtime, coming back to beat Michigan State and all but seal a No. 1 Seed in the NCAA Tournament. So they were feeling pretty good about themselves and loose for the selection show scheduled to air immediately after their game.

The Badgers were the last top seed to be revealed—they will be in the West region—and when the cameras found them, they were cool under pressure. A brief, respectful celebratory clap, and when they took their seats immediately after, Frank Kaminsky rubbed the Big Ten trophy like an incredible weirdo.

"They rush us off the court and then we sit there for 40 minutes," Kaminsky later said with a grin, a loop of net still tied to his snapback championship hat. "We had a lot of time to think."

So, in those 40 minutes, Kaminsky came up with the routine and the Badgers executed it to perfection. Disturbing perfection, but perfection nonetheless. Now go on and win the whole thing and show us what you can really do, guys.


h/t The Dagger