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G Perico Gives a Tour of His Neighborhood in "All Blue"

The South Central rapper's 'All Blue' album is dropping on April 28.

"In my city, it can go from a nice sunny blue day to a life changing event in the blink of an eye," are the words that flash across the screen to open G Perico's newest video, "All Blue." It's the perfect way to open the South Central LA rapper's visual as the song gives a peek into what a regular day in his neighborhood is like. Last year, Perico gained traction beyond the west coast with his Shit Don't Stop mixtape—a funky, piano-laden ode to LA gangsta rap that gave the proper stage for his nasal delivery to shine. Along with the video's release, Perico also announced that his mixtape of the same name (All Blue) will be released on April 28 via Priority Records. Watch the video above, and be sure to check out G Perico on Noisey's Beats 1 show this weekend. Follow Lawrence Burney on Twitter