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The Saga of DJ Khaled, Ayo Juan, and Those Drake Vocals Finally Concludes

DJ Khaled's co-producer has the patience of a saint. This week, with the Drake vocals officially in, that patience paid off.

I really don't know why I've been invested in this, but fuck it. It seems like forever that DJ Khaled has been waiting for these elusive Drake vocals for his Grateful album. This project is being compared to Songs In the Key Of Life, so… Okay, that's not true at all, but the way Khaled is hyping up this project you'd think it was going to be the new standard for music as we know it. And it might just be. I mean, Khaled went from being an entrepreneur who screamed on songs to being America's life coach. So at this point, anything could happen.


Now, this Drake situation. We've heard the dialogue time and time again:

Khaled: Ay yo, Juan! Did the Drake vocals come in yet?
Juan: You know everything's top secret, my brother. Everything's top secret.
Khaled: I like that.

There are some variations along the way, but damn, I feel for Juan because at some point I would've been like, "No. They fucking haven't, okay?" Juan has the patience of a saint. But like most things Khaled touches, the hunt for Drake's vocals became a movement.

People started yelling from cars.

Khaled started harassing Executive Producer Asahd Khaled.

More than once, in fact.

Khaled's wife had it with him.

Poor Juan was being asked to get a tour bus ready to find these fucking vocals.

And then it's like, "Oh so there's more than one vocal?" I mean, cool, but for crying out loud…

I mean for God's sake even DRAKE himself was making a joke out it. I for one was starting to believe there were no Drake vocals. I had lost all faith in DJ Khaled's ability to land the Champagne Papi bars. But then, just as all hope was lost…

Drake appears.

With sneakers in tow.

Juan with the cameo again.

So yeah, it was made official this week: the Drake vocals came in.

So then everyone had fun, and now DJ Khaled's latest catch phrase is done.

Oh but wait, there's a documentary coming too? Ay yo, Juan, is this ever going to end?

Kathy Iandoli understands that everything's top secret. Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @kath3000.