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Bump Young MA's New EP 'Herstory'

The seven-track release includes past singles "OOOUUU" and "Hot Sauce" and positively slaps.

Sometimes, all you really need is to stick with a style that works. Consistency becomes comforting, and reliability like a soft down coat that hugs you as you slip it on. When it comes to music, certain artists come to represent that sort of delivery—giving you what they've perfected, knowing it's exactly what you want. And that's where Young MA comes in.

The young, openly gay woman with a killer flow has come to represent one of rap's most interesting prospects. She's also currently out touring with 21 Savage, another leader of the new school and her largest body of work to date has now arrived. The EP, Herstory, includes the Brooklyn MC's two biggest singles to date—the smash "OOOUUU," and its follow-up "Hot Sauce"—as well as five other tracks. The whole thing is largely in keeping with the funny, clever and straight-talking but laid-back tone that she's cultivated up until now: between the subtly summery "Bonnie" and the glorious come-up anthem-in-the-making "Self M.Ade," Herstory looks to be a pretty good placeholder while we wait for an album.

Bless your ears and listen below or via iTunes here.

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(Image via Young M.A. on Instagram)