David Ortiz Fakes Bunt, Hits Home Run Seconds Later


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David Ortiz Fakes Bunt, Hits Home Run Seconds Later

A David Ortiz fake bunt is pretty funny, until he hits a home run in the same at bat.
September 5, 2014, 5:20pm

David Ortiz saw two pitches in his first at bat at Yankees Stadium last night. One he tried to bunt, and the other he hit out of the park. You never expect a guy who goes by the name Big Papi to actually try to bunt, but there he was, lowering the bat like he was going to push one down the third base line for an easy hit.

The question posed to dead-pull guys like Ortiz and Mark Teixeira when they struggle with the shift is always: why not try to hit it where they ain't? For any number of reasons they often opt not to, but Ortiz actually has done it a couple times, once against the Yankees, even. It's still visually jarring—especially in the first inning—so after he dropped down like he was going to do it, both Ortiz and Derek Jeter, covering the entire left side of the infield, started giggling like idiots.