Michelangelo's David in Cleats Strikes Again for Real Madrid

Ronaldo scored on some sweet moves.
February 17, 2016, 9:41pm

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 12th goal in Champions League play this season and it was a pretty nifty bit of work. It looks like the ball took a slight deflection off Alessandro Florenzi's leg, but don't let that stop you from basking in his beauty. Marcelo sprang Ronaldo with a ball down the side line, and the Portuguese Adonis raced it down and then quickly changed direction with a backheel pass to himself in space. He cut back to the middle as Florenzi scrambled to get back in the play and wound up with his right foot and let it rip.

Florenzi lunged back just as Ronaldo took the shot, and the funny humpback path of the ball suggests he did indeed get a piece of it, but it hardly matters. If anything, Florenzi saved his keeper a few broken fingers and likely saved his home net from catching fire.

Back to the man we're all here for, though: Ronaldo now has 89 Champions League goals in his career, 44 of them coming away from home. It's the match-winner, but Jese sent in another in the 86th minute, nutmegging Lucas Digne to beat AS Roma 2-0.