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Vicious Clashes in Brazilian State Championship: Several Fans Hospitalized, Two Seriously Injured

Footage shows supporters of Clube de Regatas Brazil and Centro Sportivo Alagoano fighting on the pitch and in the stands.

Two fans have been left badly injured after a mass brawl erupted at the Alagoas State Championship final in Brazil.

Clube de Regatas Brazil (CRB) played fierce rivals Centro Sportivo Alagoano (CSA) on Sunday evening, with a last-minute goal winning the match for CRB. This sparked a pitch invasion from both sets of supporters, with violence erupting on the field and on the concourses outside the stadium.


Local media have reported that five fans have been taken to hospital in the aftermath of the clashes, with two of them in a serious condition. Footage from the game shows several fans being viciously beaten, punched and stamped on by rival supporters, with one man seemingly left unconscious by the side of the pitch.

While medical staff attend to injured fans, other supporters can be seen rushing towards the stadium exits in a panic. Some jump from higher tiers to avoid the crush, while stewards watch on.

Riot police can be seen charging to the concourses, with one levelling a rubber bullet shotgun at CSA fans.

Brazilian football has a long history of fan violence, with numerous deaths and injuries at matches every year. An unidentified CRB spokesman has reportedly said of one injured supporter: "The guy is in a serious state. I'm not sure if he's going to survive."