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Disgraced Former Minnesota AD Has Worst Text Game Ever

Norwood Teague resigned on Friday as a result of several illicit text messages.
August 7, 2015, 8:20pm

University of Minnesota Athletic Director Norwood Teague resigned on Friday morning after several illicit text messages he sent to two university employees during a recent school event resulted in sexual harassment claims against him.

Teague sent the following statement to the media: "At a recent University event, I had entirely too much to drink. I behaved badly toward nice people, including sending truly inappropriate texts. I am embarrassed and apologize for my offensive behavior. This behavior neither reflects my true character nor the values of the University."


The text messages were released this afternoon, and, well, they are certainly inappropriate.

The texts are difficult to read as a coherent conversation. But to summarize, it's more or less a drunk 50-year-old man's ugly attempt to get a coworker's phone number while simultaneously and aggressively attempting to make advances on the coworker who supplied the other's contact info.

The "conversation" begins at one level of inappropriate. We'll call this the "texting a co-worker to warn against flirting but in doing so also flirting" level of inappropriate. Then it moves to the "'Was I inappropriate?'" level of inappropriate. And finally, apparently not satisfied with the answer to that question, it concludes at a level of inappropriateness titled, "50-year-old man, after sending six consecutive texts with no response, sadly typing into his message window, "So no clit ?"