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Brad Keselowski Runs Over His Own Pit Crew

Brad Keselowski ran over his own pit crew and earned a penalty for sending a tire onto the track, but still managed to come in second.
August 2, 2015, 10:44pm

OH NO. A disaster on pit road for @keselowski and the No. 2 team! #NASCARreplay More:
— NASCAR (@NASCAR) August 2, 2015

His pit crew is OK, but Brad Keselowski slammed into a couple members as he drove through his pit stall, causing men, jacks, and tires to go flying everywhere. The tire carrier wound up jumping onto the hood—technically no longer a tire carrier, as it went rolling into traffic—and the jackman got taken out on the driver's side of the car as Keselowski nearly ran over his feet. The jack went flying into the air and landed right back down on his chest.

Keselowski's brakes locked up, so he couldn't stop the car from overshooting the stall, but he was penalized for causing the tire to roll across the track and requiring the caution flag.

When the race resumed, Keselowski was in 37th place and one lap behind the leaders. The race would get crazier, however, as Kyle Busch ran out of fuel on the last lap allowing Matt Kenseth to steal the win. In second place? Brad Keselowski.

What. A. Finish. #NASCARreplay
— NASCAR (@NASCAR) August 2, 2015