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Black Dynamo Kiev Fans Attacked by Other Dynamo Kiev Fans During Chelsea Match

Dynamo Kiev fans appear to attack black fans during Chelsea match.
October 21, 2015, 8:00pm

An anti-discrimination group called Fare has obtained video of what appears to be four black fans being attacked at Tuesday's Champions League match in Ukraine between Dynamo Kiev and Chelsea. Fare has reported the incident to UEFA and they expect the association to hand out punishment to the home team.

In the video, you can see a scuffle break out and several black people getting pushed down the aisle of seats, into another group of people who also started wailing on them. At about the eight second mark you can see a man swinging at the fans from behind. The victims—who also were Dynamo fans—eventually made it to the stairs, where they were met by more swinging fans. There were some folks who intervened on their behalf, but the men were clearly outnumbered.

Piara Powar, executive director of Fare, told the Guardian: "This terrible incident reflects many of the continuing realities of football in central and Eastern Europe. A report has been made to Uefa, who have regulatory responsibility for the match, and we will be lobbying for the strongest sanctions."

Just last March, Dynamo Kiev were hit with a €15,000 fine and ordered to close a portion of their stadium—the sections were Dynamo ultras generally sit—after UEFA found that their fans engaged in "racist behavior" towards Everton players during a Europa League match. UEFA did not specifically state what the racist behavior was, but the same group, Fare, reported to UEFA at the time that "far right hate symbols" were visible in the crowd.

So it seems Dynamo fans have progressed from being racist toward their opponents, and have now turned on their own.