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Evander Kane Suspended One Game Because He Partied Too Hard at NBA All Star Game and Overslept for Practice

Evander Kane had a good night in Toronto. Too good, it seems.
February 15, 2016, 7:28pm

After a 4-1 win over the Colorado Avalanche Sunday night, Buffalo Sabres winger Evander Kane took a private plan to Toronto to check out the NBA All-Star Game. That's a photo of Kane and his younger sister enjoying themselves at the event. Apparently Kane enjoyed himself too much, though, because he overslept this morning and missed practice. The Sabres are holding him out of Tuesday's game against the Ottawa Senators as a result.

A grim coach Dan Bylsma announced the 24-year-old called the coach and General Manager Tim Murray this morning after presumably oversleeping. Bylsma said Kane's indiscretion will cost him, as he will not make the trip with the club to Ottawa for Tuesday's game against the Senators.
"He slept in, called Tim and myself, broke a team rule," said a grim-faced Bylsma. "We'll be dealing with it internally but he will not be playing in Ottawa. I'm disappointed."

Kane Snapchatted portions of the evening, posting since-deleted pictures which showed him slowly making his bosses more and more grim.

Bylsma did point out that merely going to the game was not a problem, Buffalo's game ended early enough that he had plenty of time to get to Toronto and be back in time for practice the next day, he just needed to wake up for it.

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