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Actress "Spaces to the Rhythm of the Metropolis" on His New Single

“Dancing In The Smoke” evokes the euphoria of being disoriented in a smoked-out side room in the club.
Photo by Mehdi Lacoste

UK producer Darren Cunningham, a.k.a. Actress, today shared "Dancing In The Smoke," the second single off his upcoming album AZD. Working with familiar Actressian configurations of fog, hiss, and psychedelic oscillation, the track evokes the disorienting feeling of being stuck in a haunted time loop. By the last third of the track the rhythm tying everything together is ripped from the mix, leaving just a drone ecstatically crosshatched and pulled apart by MIDI runs of noise.


Cunningham described the setting he hoped to evoke with the track in a press release: "that moment in the club, in the side room which is less habituated where the music is more diffused from the main club, smoked out and disorientating," he said. "The DJ has locked on a groove, and you're there in your own space pulsing with the music. As the different spaces start to merge and turn with the effects of your prescription for the night, that alien cacophony of lasers and tone trip the buzz for a flight into that kind of euphoria that only spacing to the rhythm of the metropolis can bring."

A little less than two weeks ago, Cunningham gave away a diverse batch of unreleased songs over Twitter.

AZD will be released by Ninja Tune on April 14 and is available for pre-order.

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