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Listen to Gareth Liddiard Cover Jonathan Richman’s 'Vincent Van Gogh’

To celebrate the NGV's Vincent Van Gogh exhibition, the Drones frontman has covered Richman's 1983 track.

In 1983 Jonathan Richman recorded a paen to the great Vincent Van Gogh. The song contained typical Richman lines such as "Well have you heard about the painter Vincent Van Gogh/ who loved colour and he let it show/ And in the museum, what have we here?/ The most soulful painter since Jan Vermeer."

To celebrate the National Gallery of Victoria's landmark Vincent Van Gogh exhibition, The Drones frontman Gareth Liddiard has covered Richman's new track with his new band National Cocktail Favourites.


The version continues with Richman's playfulness albeit with Liddiard's distinct Australian drawl.

Listen to the song here.

And here is Jonathan's original.

Gareth Liddiard performs as part of the NGV Friday Nightson May 12.