What to Do if You Lose Your Phone in the Club
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What to Do if You Lose Your Phone in the Club

Nick Hook, LSDXOXO, Gun$ Garcia help you deal with a cellular calamity.

Welcome to THUMP Guide to Clubbing, a new video series starring some of our favorite DJs and producers. Every week, our team of experts will guide you through the ins and outs of the club experience, from skipping lines to chatting up bartenders.

This week, club music warrior LSDXOXO, Fool's Gold co-founder Nick Catchdubs, Jersey club queen UNIIQU3, New York party-starter Tygapaw, rising Philadelphia DJ Gun$ Garcia, and seasoned dance music veteran Nick Hook hold your hand through what can be one of the most harrowing experiences of any party-goer's life: losing your phone in the club. Unmoored from your friends and the possibility of an easy way home, this is basically the modern day equivalent of finding oneself without a paddle in the middle of the ocean. But fear not, All Is Lost-era Robert Redford—our experts have got your back. And just remember, as Tygapaw says, "it happens to the best of us." Watch the video here, and check out our expert's best tips below.


Take preventative measures to avoid losing your phone in the first place

"Putting duct tape on your phone, that's pretty hood rich," says LSDXOXO. But extreme measures like self-fashioning a phone strap is how you have to think when it comes to not losing your phone in the club. "Think about resourceful ways of carrying your phone on your person," advises Tygapaw, who recommends wearing a "cute little backpack."

Putting your phone down on the bar, in the bathroom, or on the table could result in bidding farewell to your beloved mobile forever. Our experts recommend keeping your phone on your body, instead of just holding it in your hand. "I have a ring on the back of my phone that I keep on my hand the entire night," says LSDXOXO. "Put everything in the same place every time," recommends Hook.

Taking your phone out to check social media, post photos, or send texts also puts your relationship with your phone at risk. "If you're one of those people that's constantly checking your phone in a club, that's risky behavior," says Catchdubs. "Just stop checking your shit. It's fine. A couple hours from now you can check it and catch up on all of the goings on."

But truthfully, there's only one foolproof way to avoid losing your phone. "If you want a hundred percent chance to not lose your phone and simultaneously have the best night of your life," advises Hook, "leave it at home."

If you're alone without a phone, take action

Ok, so despite your best efforts you've put your phone down somewhere and you don't know where it is. UNIIQU3, a self-described "phone losing guru," has you covered. Always have Find My iPhone enabled, Bluetooth on, and vibrator off; otherwise, she advises, "how's it gonna ring?" UNIIQU3 also urges you to make your phone background a picture of yourself so there's no doubt it belongs to you.

Next, the retracing your steps process begins. First, "go to the bar and see if somebody has turned it in," says Garcia. LSDXOXO recommends going to "check the bathrooms, check the bar, check the DJ booth, check the dancefloor."


If your searching efforts turn up nil, Tygapaw says it's time to "ask for help." The group is split on whether to ask the DJ to make an announcement. "Don't bother the DJ," says Catchdubs. But if you think an announcement is your best hope, "save it for the end of the night."

Finally, if you've lost both your phone and your friends, you have to think about where your friends are likely to turn up. "Hang out near the restrooms," suggests Garcia. "Your friends at some point will probably go to the bathroom." In UNIIQU3's experience, you should "go to the exit, go to the bartender, just try to find your friends."

If you end up phoneless anyway, don't despair

Don't let losing a phone ruin your night. After all, you're at the club to be with people, not "stuck on the internet," as Garcia puts it. And besides, losing a phone can actually be freeing. "You get to let go, and not think about having to post to social media," says Tygapaw. "You can actually enjoy yourself. Be in the moment."

LSDXOXO says losing your phone could actually give you an opportunity to "enjoy the music. Flirt with someone, dance with someone, all that corny shit."

Bottom line, losing your phone sucks. It's expensive and can feel scary to lose your lifeline. But take a deep breath, and remember that everything will be ok. "If you're with your friends, don't lose your friends," says Catchdubs. "If you have a phone, don't lose your phone. But if you lose either of those things, it's not the end of the world."