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The Guy Who Designed Minimalist Movie Posters Every Day For a Year Finally Finished

Pete Majarich caps off his year-long project to create a remixed movie poster every day with a packed video.
Toutes les images sont publiées avec l'aimable autorisation de Pete Majarich.

He made it! After an entire year, graphic designer Pete Majarich completed his ambitious design project, A Movie Poster a Day, completing exactly 365 unique poster redesigns. An artist of impeccable time management, Majarich finished the final poster, a moody reinterpretation of Alfonso Cuarón's Children of Men, on December 31, 2016.

To wrap up and toast his success in completing the massive effort, Majarich put together a video reel of all his works. Similar to binging a much-hyped TV series or film trilogy, the entire project is enthralling to view as a whole. Majarich demonstrates not only high-caliber discipline but also a keen creative spirit, embracing the project to diversify his practice and develop new artistic styles.


In a comment accompanying the Vimeo video, Majarich says he thinks "he tapped into something everybody loves—movies." Check out a few posters from A Movie Poster a Day below, along with the fast-paced video:

See every poster on Pete Majarich's website, here, and follow him on his Instagram, here.


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