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[Premiere] Travel to a Psychedelic City in this Groovy Animated Music Video

Drift through Lisbon’s famously artistic streets in animator Emanuele Kabu's video for the track "Azulejos" by Populous.
Images courtesy of the artists.

The city of Lisbon is known for its building facades full of colorful patterned tiles, many of them produced in the 1800s. In a new digitally animated music video for Italian producer Populous' song, "Azulejos," animator and illustrator Emanuele Kabu uses Lisbon's ornate facades as inspiration, creating a series of moving lines, patterns, and other geometric shapes. Like all of Populous's new album, the video is a love letter to Lisbon, where he produced the record.


Kabu, who has animated videos for Little Dragon and Helio Sequence, amongst others, tells Creators that the "Azulejos" video was made after a long and prolific conversation with Populous, a.k.a., Andrea Mangia. The two both love the city's streets, colors, and the magical atmosphere that permeates its corridors.

"After a few discarded ideas we agreed that the video should have represented a tour in the heart of Lisbon, starting from the ocean, walking past walls of azulejos, bright colors and slanting trams and eventually heading back to the water," explains Kabu. "The inspiration for some of the elements, like doors and walls or the tiles reading 'Bom dia,' came straight from pictures of the city taken by Andrea himself."

Kabu created the animations and drawings in Adobe Flash, then edited it all in After Effects. He then applied various textures using patterns designed on paper.

"The video pays tribute to a couple of shorts that inspired me a lot when I started working on animation," he adds. "Tango by Zbigniew Rybczyński for the astounding use of loops, and Chemical Brothers' 'Star Guitar,' directed by Michel Gondry, for the beautiful sync between music and the moving images."

You can buy the single here, and pre-order Populous' Azulejos album here.

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