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Bleachers' Jack Antonoff Is a Jilted Groom in a New Video for "Don't Take the Money"

It's a Wes Anderson-esque trip by way of Lena Dunham.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Well known for his brand of heavily 80's-influenced pop, Bleachers—otherwise known as Jack Antonoff of fun. and the-main-co-writer-on-the-new-Lorde-record fame—has so far kept to that formula with the first two tracks released from his upcoming second album Gone Now (due June 2). Both "Don't Take the Money," which features Lorde, and "Hate that You Know Me," which features Carly Rae Jepsen (in case you somehow didn't already get that Antonoff is pop royalty) sound like they'd fit pretty comfortably on the soundtrack of a John Hughes movie, and if that's not the mark of 80's realness, I'm not sure what is.


Today we've also been graced with a music video for one of those brand new tracks, "Don't Take the Money". John Hughes it definitely isn't, but there's certainly a touch of the Wes Anderson about the colorful clip, directed by Antonoff's longtime girlfriend Lena Dunham. VCR-style footage is interspliced with hi-def clips to tell the story of a failed marriage ceremony involving Antonoff, someone called Giulia, and Giulia's lover. Also included are a quite spectacular brooch with a dog on it, and everyone's fave Alia Shawkat (related: when will this woman get her own show?), and altogether it's a perfectly sparkly music video experience. Now gimme that album so I can pretend my life is The Breakfast Club.

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