Make This Phenomenal Pork Sandwich Your Next Cooking Project


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Make This Phenomenal Pork Sandwich Your Next Cooking Project

Sometimes you've gotta put in work to enjoy a juicy AF roast pork sandwich with pickles and cracklings on a buttery homemade bun.
September 14, 2016, 1:00pm

Look, you lazy jerk. Quit being such a Snorlax and make some really, really awesome food. You can do it.

Does this recipe require a couple of days of prep? Sure. But what is marination, anyways? You just stick some delicious meat in some flavorful liquid and let it sit around until it tastes even better.

And what is pickling? Basically the same thing, but with some boiling involved at one point in the process. And we all know you can boil.

And, yeah, making the buns is a little bit trickier. But if you're really feeling that despairing and hopeless about the prospect of having to make some bread, get one of your go-getter friends to come over and help you, or just buy them if you truly must.

This pork sandwich is the reward you'll receive for your hard, hard work. A buttery homemade bun piled high with super-juicy pork (it's all about dat brine), pickled cukes and cabbage, crispy pork skin, and a generous smear of mayo.

RECIPE: Pork Roast Sandwich

Make like Rihanna and do a little work, work, work, work, work. Then this weekend, you can eat one of these bad boys and be like, "damn, I'm ready for a post-lunch nap." And you'll have earned it.