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The Pizza Show: Business of Pizza

We'll explore some new frontiers of the pizza business, from a company that's using robots to revolutionize pizza to South Korea, the hottest growing market for za'.

A lot of pizzerias might be mom and pop businesses, but the reality is that the pizza industry is valued at over $38 billion in the US alone. Most people know about the "big four": Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa John's, and Little Caesars, but in this episode of The Pizza Show, we'll explore some new frontiers of the pizza business.

We begin in Silicon Valley at Zume Pizza, a company using robots and trucks outfitted with ovens to revolutionize delivery pizza. Then, we're off to one of the fastest-growing international markets, South Korea, to watch our host Frank Pinello collaborate on a New York-style pie with Mr. Pizza, one of the largest pizza chains in Seoul. (There might also be a professional "pizza dancing" team in this one.)

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