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Stream Rebel Yell’s Debut EP of Brooding and Malicious Industrial Music

Grace Stevenson serves industrial music with a side of dark hostility.
Image courtesy of Rice is Nice

The bad news is that Rebel Yell is not the name of that Billy Idol tribute that the world so desperately needs.

The good news is that it is the new industrial side project for Brisbane musician Grace Stevenson.

Stevenson also plays in one of our favourite Brisbane acts 100%, but don't let this fool you into some dumb sense of musical apathy, or "I've heard this before." For as Rebel Yell's debut EP Mother of Millions proves, she is capable of making some seriously chilling, industrial-esque beats. 'Head stompers' as they are called in some dark corners of a fantasy music biz that we just made up.

Stevenson says that besides a mysterious CDR titled 'dark tech' and the soundtrack from 1995 techno-thriller film Hackers, inspiration for Rebel Yell came after watching a showcase from fellow arse kickers/head stoppers Lucy Cliche, Video Easy and Blank Realm's Sarah Spencer. She's channelled this inspiration into the four tracks on Mother of Millions that drops tomorrow on Rice Is Nice. It's a solid collection of brooding, dark techno that's underscored by her pulsing KORG ESX pedal, which injects each track with a deliciously dramatic undertone of electro-percussion that add a menacing tone to Stevenson's compelling vocals.

'Mother of Millions' is available August 19 through Rice Is Nice.