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Hot Creations' wAFF Wants to Show Us That He's Not so "Shabby"

wAFF's wafting us away to peak time bliss.
March 26, 2015, 2:09pm

Fat Gash isn't the nicest name for an EP but Hot Creations mainstay wAFF isn't as dirty minded as you'd think. The title, he tells us, "refers to my best mate, Jey Kurmis, who is most often called Gashy. One night I made this track and knew he would love it, instantly it was his favourite track of mine. So I thought, he's fat and he's called Gash, lets call it "Fat Gash"! Most people will think its about another thing but it's not. It's about a fat viking from Leeds who I love." Which clears that up.


Since releasing his Rainbows EP on Hot Creations way back when in 2012, and following it with a number of successful releases and remixes, wAFF has become a staple part of a globe-trotting band of tech-house brothers, playing with the likes of Jamie Jones, Lee Foss and Richy Ahmed. This summer sees him jetting off to Ibiza's famed DC10 to take up a residency for the third time in a row.

"Shabby" which we're pretty pumped about premiering is both a paean to a good friend of his and a storming little house cut that snakes about like a bulk-batch of Nokia 3210s.

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