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Watch Live: Sci-Fi Author Ann Leckie Talks to Us About ‘Ancillary Justice,’ Xenophobia, and Tea

Motherboard wants your questions for the Space Opera word-slinger.

Today we're hosting a special edition of the Radio Motherboard podcast. At 2PM ET will be live streaming our interview with award-dominating sci-fi author Ann Leckie, whose 2013 debut novel Ancillary Justice won the (deep breath) Hugo, Nebula, Kitschies, Arthur C. Clarke, Locus, and British Science Fiction awards, and was nominated for three more. It's honestly that awesome.

Ancillary Sword (2014) and Ancillary Mercy (2015) duly followed Ancillary Justice, completing Leckie's Imperial Radch trilogy and carving Leckie's category-defining concepts into the pages of the Space Opera genre for aeons to come.

The Imperial Radch trilogy is a tale of friendship, xenophobia, and colonialism set in a society both vastly different, yet sometimes sadly relevant, to our own. Join us at 2PM ET over at Motherboard's Facebook page where we will be discussing Leckie's concepts of future cultures and what they mean for us in 2017, as well as her own line of tea (based on her books). As always, your questions are encouraged and welcomed.

We'll also be posting the full interview on an upcoming edition of the Radio Motherboard podcast, which you can subscribe to on the podcast player of your choosing.

The Imperial Radch trilogy. Image: Ben Sullivan