This story is over 5 years old.

Mella Dee's "Heaven" is a Dark, Dank Place

The Bass-loving producer Dee gives us an exclusive listen to his new beat.

Doncaster producer Mella Dee is committed to the low-end. His tracks and mixes heave with bass weight, effortlessly joining the dots between hardcore, garage, and jungle. He's made his name with rough and ready rollers like "Estate" and "Feel It Out" – tough, steely and taut slammers.

With his new beat tape Rhythm Nation set to see the light of day on Digital Soundboy early next year, Mella Dee's given us an exclusive preview in the form of lead track "Heaven". His lurching, low-end saturated take on the celestial is a thick slab of euphoric hardcore revivalism, a deep dancefloor destroyer. This is the sound of waltzers on the blink, abandoned fairgrounds where the screams from white knuckle rides still linger in the air.

Rhythm Nation is released on Digital Soundboy on January 19th

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