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Main Course's Bot Gives Us the Rundown on His New Remix EP

Stream the whole thing, featuring the likes of Riton, Wongo, and Blatta & Inesha.
September 29, 2014, 11:24pm

Trying to put Main Course into a genre categorization is like trying to catch a cracked-out cat with your shoes tied together after chugging some Nyquil. It's not gonna happen. Yeah, a lot of the tunage is noisy and upfront or upfront-adjacent, but the main aspect that unifies the works of Astronomar, Neoteric, label newguy Wuki, and Bot (amongst others) is an adherence to open format party-starting.


If you need proof, just check the remixes of Bot's Bot Music EP. The tracks are all over the place and that's just the way they like it. Bot, AKA Andrea Fratangelo, is a recent Los Angeles transplant after ending his involvement with Crookers (Peep Bot's manifesto for more on that) , and he's found a quick home amidst all the Main Course madness. "Neoteric and I used to work together when I was in Crookers and we carried on when that experience was over," Bot tells THUMP. "Going solo was deeply motivating and made me realize once again how much I could learn doing music…I also just recently moved to LA and I have to say that right now it feels like it's the world's capital for music."

We got Bot to give us the rundown on all the remixes on the EP:

Federjet (Blatta & Inesha remix)

"I have played tons of fellow Italians Blatta & Inesha productions over the past few years and was very happy, yet not surprised, when they delivered another track that I will play for many many weeks."
Scream 85 (Riton & Bot remix)

"Riton is a great guy and one of those artists I respect a lot, always trying to do something new that defies any formula. This remix, which he started and I finalized, is a pretty good example of that."
Monky Man (Aquadrop remix)

"I first heard Aquadrop on my good friend Nic Sarno's label ESP and instantly liked his original approach to big room friendly tracks. I how love the addition of chords tamed the aggressive original into this style-packed version."
Bot & Astronomar - Fribay (Wongo's Haunted Arsonist remix)
"I remember listening to the first tracks by Wongo many years ago and thinking there was true talent in the way he shaped his beats to make them really move. That's what I was looking for when I asked him to do a rework of Fribay... and he did not disappoint!"

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Jemayel Khawaja is THUMP's Associate Editor in Los Angeles - @JemayelK