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5 Reasons We Knew Zedd Was Gonna Become a Pop Star All Along

Oodles of talent? Check. Dreamy eyes? Yup. Crossover collabs? Uh huh. Now all he's gotta do is crash a Maserati.
June 2, 2014, 9:00pm

Zedd is officially on the verge of transcending to pop stardom. The news that he's been working on a track with "Problem" singer Ariana Grande has been making the rounds for a week or two, but we just got the info that he's not just producing the track, he'll be getting a featured credit on it. Ariana Grande featuring Zedd. We like how that sounds. He better get working on his dance moves.

We should have seen this coming. Here are five reasons why we always knew Zedd was gonna be a pop star:


1) His mononym

Cher. Prince. Nas. Bono. Madonna. Mono-named stars have a certain weight to them that implies importance. In a world of six billion people, they're one person that can be identified with a single word, sometimes a single syllable. You know who else has one of those? God. Just sayin'…

2) He's got that non-threatening, kinda nerdy older brother vibe

Most Ariana Grande fans are 12 year old girls. Despite him being a handsome 24 year old DJ who spends his nights at the most raucous parties in the world, Zedd's the kind of guy you wouldn't mind babysitting your little sister though he'll probably be too caught up playing a video game or working on a synth riff to pay attention. Zedd appeals to moms and daughters alike, and that's why he'll sell millions of records to them.

3) He works with pop songwriters to create Grammy-winning songs

Matthew Koma had a hand in writing Zedd's breakthrough, Top-Ten, Grammy-winning hit "Clarity." You know who else Koma writes for? DJs and popstars.

4)Those dreamy blue eyes

Do we even need to say anything here? So dreamy.

5) He can take a joke

With friends like Skrillex and Deadmau5, who needs enemies? Could you imagine Bieber getting caked in the face and laughing about it?

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