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Toronto’s Sound Academy to be Reinvented As The Guvernment’s Replacement

INK Entertainment CEO tells THUMP that’s its overhaul will be “more than a fresh coat of paint.”

If you've been wondering who or what will replace famed Toronto nightclub The Guvernment as the city's crown musical jewel, you now have your answer. And while it may seem a bit odd, the future of the iconic untz-hall was leaked by popular NYC-band Interpol in a message posted today on Collective Concerts.

Recently, the band Interpol was marooned in a Toronto ice-storm for days on end, preventing them from performing a gig in the city. In the post, Interpol alluded to the fact that the Polson Street centrepiece Sound Academy, which was supposed to be the site of their make-up show, would be closing in the coming weeks. This came as news to many. Here's why:


Earlier in 2014, INK Entertainment (the force behind Guverment) informed clubgoers that the closure of their home would "certainly…not be the end of their reign." It further stated that the Sound Academy and Tattoo Queen West would host INK's future talent, concerts and shows—no hint of Sound Academy's overhaul or subsequent closure had been made public.

Charles Khabouth, the CEO of INK Entertainment, today told THUMP that this closure will be for more than just a fresh coat of paint, and alluded to the venue's new overhaul as a reincarnation of The Guverment.

"Sound Academy is going to be, in my mind, the next generation of clubbing. That means everything―the layout, the sound and lighting, technology and the overall comfort," he said. "I recently had a big meeting [about the comfort], making sure that there's enough washrooms, enough air conditioning, and enough ventilation. But for the sound and lighting, we're going to go all out―making sure it's spectacular."

Charles is confident that the new vision for the yet-to-be-named space will wow guests and describes it as "somewhere in 2020… not just sitting on a new couch next to a new paint job." While it won't be The Guv we all know and luv per sé, here's hoping it turns the page on a new chapter in Toronto's already vibrant music scene.