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Pantha Du Prince Stars in a Mini Documentary by Ableton

The software company nerds out on the inspirations and processes behind Pantha Du Prince's collaboration with The Bell Laboratory.

Ableton is more than a software company. At the beginning of the year, the enterprise ventured into documentary filmmaking with a short video about Minilogue's hardware setup, and now they've unveiled a segment about Berlin experimentalist Pantha Du Prince and The Bell Laboratory, the percussion ensemble he collaborated with on his last album.

The mini-documentary focuses on Elements of Light, an album composed of ancient church bells sounds and programmed beats, which combined Pantha Du Prince's tech savvy with The Bell Laboratory's percussion expertise. Ableton traces Pantha's inspirations for the project, details how he and the acoustic musicians crafted pieces together, and captures the ensemble's performance of Terry Riley's "In C" at the Barbican in London. There are also two additional clips: one hones in on the instruments used by The Bell Laboratory, and another on Pantha Du Prince's live setup.