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Chuckie Remixed Crookers’ Wonky “Able To Maximize” Into a Mainstage Monster

A dirty Dutch womp descends on this potential summer anthem.
May 21, 2014, 4:00pm

As evidenced by our adventures with Crookers aboard Holy Ship!!!, Phra Barbaglia is no stranger to mischief. That's why we didn't bat an eyelid when the Italian provocateur released "Able To Maximize," a bizarro-house banger replete with samples of a confused little girl explaining music theory and liberal usage of the pan flute. It's weird and dark and heavy just like you expect Crookers to be.

"I'm a 'genre-bouncer' so I like to keep things fresh by mixing it up," Phra told THUMP, adding "I always thought the pan flute was a magic instrument."

When Chuckie jumped on the remix, the track took on some quintessential Dirty Dutch swagger and is now primed for festival stages worldwide. Phra explained, "I remixed a Chuckie track last year so now he's returning the favor. I love his remix."

So do we! It comes out just in time for you to brush up on your shuffling in time for festival season. Check out Chuckie's remix here.

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