These Abstract Paper Profiles Have Something to Say about the World


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These Abstract Paper Profiles Have Something to Say about the World

From political heads to culture-shaking events, Mike McQuade rushes in with scissors and paper to strip down current events.

Collages constructed from black and white get a fresh boost when juxtaposed with dynamic strips of color. A paper-cut mountain terrain contextualizes a technology takeover. Illustrator and designer Mike McQuade understands how to strike a perfect balance between drawing interest in thought-provoking articles and engaging readers with visual communication.

From essays on medical malpractice to a former president's glory days, McQuade creates the visuals to enhance the in-depth articles. The illustrator has worked professionally in graphic design for nearly 15 years. Pairing his collages with hard facts puts forward a visual respite and establishes tension between compelling news journalism and conceptual art. Outside of his client work, he consistently finds time to hone his own personal projects and "use images in the most abstracted way possible," he tells Creators.


The New York Times, Op/Ed, Who Gets to Write That? All images courtesy the artist

The FADER, Why Is This Sex Worker In Jail For Surviving?

GOOD Magazine, This Is Who You Really Are

GOOD Magazine

Abstraction, personal project

McQuade's litany of collage work has appeared in publications like the New York Times, The New Yorker, WIRED, and GOOD magazine. McQuade describes how he goes about tailoring each of his pieces, "The way I go about constructing a piece varies depending on the subject matter and concept, [but] I tend to let the concept lead. The tone of each piece also varies…from serious political collages to more abstract and expressive. A piece could land in a range of executions including analog collage, digital illustration, abstract image, or a combination."

Consumer Reports, Body Snatchers

NYT, The Obama Years - How Black America Saw Obama

Fortune, The Promise and Peril of The Trump Economy 

Le Monde

Lippincott, Experience Innovation

To see more from Mike McQuade, visit his website and Instagram.


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