Fake News About a Secret Antarctic Nazi UFO Base Refuses to Die

This researcher at Cambridge has a PhD and still had to take time to prove why the Nazi Antarctic UFO base is a hoax.
March 12, 2017, 10:30pm

Before we get into this let's make one thing clear: the secret Nazi UFO base in Antarctica doesn't exist. The Nazis  did go to Antarctica, but they didn't stash priceless European art in a subterranean Antarctic lair where they also happened to be developing flying saucers. That would be a totally insane thing to believe.

But as recently as 2016, articles mentioning the possible existence of this very thing can be found in tabloids like  The Mirror, which reported on a possible Nazi UFO under Antarctic ice, as well as  The Daily Star, which suggested that the Nazi UFO base may have ties to the giant alien ice pyramids under Antarctica.

In the age of Fake News and flat earthers, it's not hard to see how an outlandish idea could retain currency. But it's remarkable persistence over the half century prompted Colin Summerhayes, a prominent marine geologist and oceanographer at Cambridge, to write a 21-page, peer-reviewed paper outlining all the reasons why the Nazis totally didn't build a secret Antarctic base. Published a little over a decade ago in the quarterly academic journal  Polar Review, Summerhayes' paper is an interesting survey of the paranoid conspiracy theories that began with a secret Nazi mission to Antarctica in January, 1939.

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