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Is This Wedding DJ from Azerbaijan the Future of Dance Music?

He absolutely mindfucked everyone.

This article originally appeared on THUMP.

Move over, Aphex Twin. In fact, fuck it. Move over , everyone. Little is known about the wedding DJ from Azerbaijan who was caught mashing up an MPC like he was Araabmuzik on speedballs, but what we do know is that he absolutely mindfucked everyone else in that room into some astral plane that we can't even begin to explain and may have revolutionized dance music in the process.


As our man speeds through what sounds like drum and bass, breakcore, thrash, and 185bpm house (often all in the same beat), we can only assume that what is behind the camera is the most turnt-up iron curtain clusterfuck of a wedding dancefloor you've ever seen.

The guitar player and keyboardist look bemused to shit, the former doesn't even touch his instrument and just looks on in disgust. The keyboardist tries to play along and follows our DJ's manic instructions, but the music changes rhythm with such a reckless abandon that he's often left wide-eyed and confused.

Here's what we do know: Them man's name is Cavad Recebov. The video is shot by Yusif Limanli. They have quite the presence on YouTube, but none of it bags the same futuro-EDM swag that this video does. After watching this, can you even go back to the deep house of old?

Jemayel Khawaja says: "If you haven't sniffed out the satire, you are banned from Reddit for a week." - @JemayelK