Milk Music Return With Their First Album Since 2013

The Olympia band’s new album is dedicated to mother Earth and serious listeners everywhere.
March 14, 2017, 9:16am

Milk Music are a superior rock band who we've not heard from in a while.

The four piece, who got their start in Olympia, Washington, write and record music that sounds like it belongs on Homestead Records in the early 80s. They've been known to do not one but two Grateful Dead covers. Back-to-back.

Most of their live and record reviews mention SST greats like Dinosaur Jr. and Hüsker Dü but there are also strong traces of psych, country and heavy rock. They manage to twist it all into something all their own.


Mystic 100, their much anticipated, and first album since 2013's Cruise Your Illusion, has just been released on Dom America. This is how the label describes the 11-song album.

From a cocoon of ambitious distortion, the caterpillar once known and loved as Olympia's Milk Music, reemerges as a butterfly in full psychedelic Technicolor as Mystic 100's. This LP might be Mystic 100's 1st or Milk Music's 3rd, either way it's a sonic thrill ride through an acid laced apocalypse that will freak your bean and leave you wanting more.

So far there is no music online but the excellent "Crying Wand" from the album is the opening song in this live set from 2015.

Mystic 100's tracklist

1. He Is Coming
2. Twists & Turns & Headtrips
3. Who's Been In My Dream?
4. Serious Listener
5. Pay Me
6. Dramatic Exit
7. Crying Wand
8. Dare To Exist
9. Mystic 100's
10. Tibetan Headtrip
11. Burning Light

Image: Discogs