Sarcastic Comics Serve Up Moments When Life Just Perfectly Sucks


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Sarcastic Comics Serve Up Moments When Life Just Perfectly Sucks

Russian artist Gudim Anton draws normal situations that escalate quickly into daydreams.

A woman chewing gum; a store at a mallmaking teapouring waterexercisingposing for a photo. Blink and you'll miss the strangeness of these mundane situations in the bite-sized comics Russian artist Gudim Anton posts on Instagram.

His drawings, usually in a multi-panel format, take a turn for the absurd in the final square revealing the ways in which different everyday objects are actually similar. When a tea bag is removed from a mug, it's turns out to be a drain plug. A 50% off sale at the mall is actually advertising clothes that are only half there. When the woman blows her bubble gum, it dons a fedora and floats away. "I think about the usual things in our lives and try to represent them from a different view," Anton tells Creators.


Not all of the Russian artist's illustrations are visual puns. The occasional single frame will be devoted to capturing an overwhelming emotion, juxtapositional concept, or a stunning visual. "Sometimes an idea comes suddenly, and sometimes I have to think about it for a long time," Anton says. Once he comes up with the idea, each drawing takes two to three hours to transport from his brain to the page.

Making these artworks is currently a hobby, while Anton spends the day as an engineer. Inspired by artists pushing the boundaries of the form, such as Joan Cornella, as well as Surrealists like René Magritte, Pete Revonkorpi, and Rob Gonsalves, his jokes are a reprieve from the black-and-white worlds of math and physics.

Check out more of Anton's daydreams below.

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