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Listen to Captain Planet's Universal Dance Anthem "Un Poquito Mas"

World music for the club.
May 23, 2014, 6:05pm

It's time to stop listening to the same five tech house remixes and expand your palate. Captain Planet, like the superhero he's named after, is here to help with that. The self-proclaimed renaissance man and Gumbo Funk producer returns with another world beat single called "Un Poquito Mas" featuring Spanish vocals from Chico Manna, AKA Marqos Garcia, of the New York afrobeat outfit Antibalas.

This is the first single from Captain Planet's upcoming album Esperanto Slang out on Bastard Jazz. For those who don't know, Esperanto was a language created to to be the most common international auxillery language. It never really worked out (see: English), but this song should work as universal connector instead.

"Un Poquite Mas" is officially out on May 27 on Bastard Jazz.

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