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Accessorising The Apocalypse: Portable Survival Handbags

Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean you can’t look chic.
November 3, 2011, 4:40pm

Doomsday. It’s coming. We may have avoided it back on the eve of the 21st century when Y2K turned out to be not that big of a deal, but doomsday won’t be defeated that easily. Not when the future of the human race is at stake. And, apart from a couple of incorrect Rapture predictions, it looks like another year’ll go by without the seas turning into boiling pits of human annihilation. But make no mistake, it’s coming… one day.

Naturally, we all want to be prepared. Whether it happens next year like that John Cusack movie predicted or 50 years from now when the world’s eco-system has a stroke, you don’t want to be the only one who wasn’t ready for it when it came. But who wants to lug a first aid kit around all the time? It might clash with your new heels. Instead, how about a nice chic handbag with all the essentials to turn it into a survival device?

Fashion students Alvaro Soto, John Paul Rangel, and Justin Blanc have created a series of portable survival handbags, named This is Luxe, which consist of three prototypes designed to provide different solutions for specific attacks or catastrophic incidents.

Firstly, under the chic fabric of Armor’s handbag lies a cunningly disguised gas mask (above and below). Use in case of tear gas attack, bioterrorism, alien invasion or the sewers exploding.

Next up is Shelter, which is a portable safety case where you can store essential goods, like the last ever Snickers bar on a post-apocalyptic earth. Or that brooch you really love. It has RFID tags so you can track and locate this designer purse when you’re trawling through the barren, lifeless desert that used to be the Amazon jungle and a five-headed mutant squirrel snatches it off you and disappears into the dunes.

And finally there’s Scape, which consists of a number of LED electronics and can be folded out into a life vest where the shiny LED lights scream “HELP ME!” to an empty world because you’re the last human on earth.

So remember, just because the world decides it wants to hang up its coat and dive head first into the void, doesn’t mean you can’t bust a nice matching handbag. It just means that any red carpet will more likely be a burning flow of lava.

[via Fashioning Technology]

images: Alvaro Soto