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Tod Seelie And 100 Animators Create The Chaotic Frames Of Unstoppable Death Machine's New Video

“Do The Devo” is a mind-boggling stew of animated images.

Sometimes when we’re browsing through the posts on our sister site Noisey, something will catch our eye and we just have to know more. This was the case with Unstoppable Death Machines. We’d seen them collecting garbage and receiving unbridled praise, but most notably their photo spread by Tod Seelie just oozed of awesome.

The band once again teamed up with Seelie and director Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor, who used his incredible photographic sense to create the video for “Do The Devo,” which involved re-drawings of each frame of the video by various friends. As the band explained to SPIN:

“Nick filmed UDM performing the track in the main gallery space of Clocktower Gallery. He then made a cut and we printed out every frame. For Nick’s residency at the Clocktower, we made a giant light box table and invited friends to trace over the video frames as a reference, and draw in any style and medium. We did that for a few weeks—hand drawing every frame, including backgrounds. Probably over 100 friends contributed. With Nick, we then photographed every frame with the help of Tod Seelie, so we could take the stills and animate the video.”

They go on to humbly call it “the most beautifully chaotic animated music video possibly ever created.” It’s no “Zodiac Shit,” but still pretty sick. Be sure to watch it all the way through the minute and 30 seconds of credits so everyone gets their due. Check out a few stills below.