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Your Favorite TV Shows, Deconstructed

Trust us, they’re much more interesting this way.
August 18, 2010, 3:00pm

We just came across this awesome experimental art video on the Generator.x Vimeo feed (curated by Marius Watz). It comes from French artist/web developer Denis Hovart who used found footage recorded from his television set via his computer webcam to create this beautiful experiment in luminosity and motion. The recorded footage was processed in a custom program that analyzed each captured pixel and assigned it a line depth proportionate to its level of brightness. The result is a gorgeous deconstructed montage of what may possibly be all your favorite TV shows (we can’t be sure, but is that a clip of Jersey Shore we see in there?). We wish this was a channel on our television sets — it feels much more highbrow to watch crap TV this way.