Bernie Sanders Brought a Very Large Poster of Trump's Tweet to Senate on Wednesday

Even Ted Cruz thought it was funny.
January 4, 2017, 9:57pm
Screenshot via C-SPAN and Twitter user @GMPaiella

Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders came to work Wednesday to debate the repealing of Obamacare—one of Donald Trump's top priorities—armed with a giant printout of one of the president-elect's tweets, Gizmodo reports.

Back in May, Donald Trump tweeted about being one of the only Republican presidential candidates to promise not to cut Medicare and Medicaid. Now, to fulfill the president-elect's vow to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, some members of the GOP have proposed getting rid of those programs.


Sanders apparently saw the irony in that and decided to take it to the Senate floor, illustrating the healthcare flip-flop by printing out Trump's former campaign promise onto a big-ass poster board.

Sanders explained that Republicans "want to cut Social Security. They want to cut Medicare. They want to cut Medicaid. Mr. Trump was right, and millions of people voted for him on the believe that he would keep his word." He added, "If all that he was talking about was campaign rhetoric, then what he was obliged to do is to tell the American people, 'I was lying.'"

Sanders's extra-credit project even reportedly got a laugh from Ted Cruz, according to the Vermont senator's deputy communications director, Mike Casca.