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A Year of Lil Wayne: The Wise Words of Limp Bizkit

"I don’t give a fuck / I probly never will" - Fred Durst

Day 88: "Ready to Go" – Limp Bizkit feat. Lil Wayne, 2013

Kyle: Since I spent the last two days writing about Lil Wayne's "rock" collaborations with Kevin Rudolph, I can't say I was surprised when you suggested that we blog about Lil Wayne's song with Limp Bizkit. I (and I assume you) had never listened to but we both knew it existed due to the fact that Limp Bizkit was briefly signed to Cash Money, and getting signed to Cash Money up until around late 2014 meant you got a minimum of one (1) Lil Wayne verse. Furthermore, it makes 1000 percent sense that Lil Wayne and Fred Durst would be actual, real life friends, as you might be able to deduce yourself from the fact that there are multiple scenes in this video in which Durst, a man in his 40s, is filmed on the toilet.


Anyway, this song opens with Fred Durst yelling "go fuck yourself!" and it gets more badass from there. There is a sick-ass riff. The hook includes the lines "they say that rock shit doesn't rock anymore" and "is that your bitch 'cause she told me she ready to go." And the first line of Durst's verse goes "back, it's the motherfucking rock god." Who the fuck are we to argue?

Lawrence: The craziest thing about this song is that before listening, I was close to 100 percent sure that I was going to hate it, but I don't. Fred Durst always had a kind of rap thing going on in Limp Bizkit songs, but pairing that up with Wayne makes it way more ridiculous.

Kyle: Oh my God this song is produced by Polow Da Don.

Lawrence: I can't fix my fingers to say this sucks. "I'm so poker face, ladies going Gaga;" "She liked the way we pump it, I call her pumpkin pie;" "I'm the champ bitch, I ain't gotta show the belt." These are all coherent bars and yes, by basic rap standards, these are weak as fuck but I'll throw him a couple points.

What we need to be paying attention to is how Wayne sneakily slides clever work into some of his least noteworthy features. before you even get a chance to try and come for his doing a song with washed up rock stars, he comes with "I got the pistol on me / I guess I went pop." So, yes, Wayne acknowledges he's doing this for a bag and that he's on whatever drugs he feels like being on.


Kyle: I can't believe any of this exists. I'm just going to list some good as hell Fred Durst-isms:

– "That's right it's Freddy D / the public enemy / you know the one that had Britney dropping to her knees"

– "I don't give a fuck / I probly never will / bitch get at me if that ass is like Jessica Biel's"

– "Throw those fingers up and finger fuck the sky / She like the way we pumping / I call her pumpkin pie / I ain't about to lie / I came up in it high"

– "I know who the fuck I am / 40 million records later I am still the fucking man"

One thing I would also like to add about Lil Wayne that I appreciate is that Wayne, even on songs where there's no real incentive to do anything special and even when his verse is otherwise unremarkable, is that he's great at buying into whatever the song is about. He loves to work in allusions to the title (here he says "she want the green light, let the bitch go") or shout out the person he's on the song with—it's as if at the end of the day Wayne can't help himself from being a bit of a rap nerd. Anyway, here, not only does he rock a red hat in the video, he ends his verse with "red hat to the back like Fred Durst." And I have to add: Shouts out to my man Fred for making something as dumb as wearing a red hat into an iconic fashion statement. When do you think he first started wearing that red hat? How many has he gone through in his life? Do people give him red hats as gifts? Because if I were the mayor of a town and Fred Durst came and played a show there you bet your ass I would get a custom red fitted with the town's name on it to give to him. These are the things I think about.

I'd like to quote Fred one more time before we leave, a propos of nothing: "I don't give a fuck / I probly never will." Damn, it's true. Bars.

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