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Listen to Lil Yachty's Panpipe Heavy New Track “Terminator”, Featuring A$AP Ferg

“Yung Master Boat and the Ferginator” get cocky to the sound of some hella good woodwind.

Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

You thought you had heard everything in 2016, didn't you? Feeling pretty comfortable in your sense of certainty that nothing else could possibly surprise you, aren't you? Well I have news for you. Clearly you did not conceive of the possibility that Lil Yachty would put out a song on which he and A$AP Ferg rap over some panpipes, because that is exactly what has happened. "Terminator" is a fun, good old-fashioned brag fest, on which Yachty and Ferg talk themselves up in a way that I am quite certain is reserved only for rappers who are spitting over a Maaly Raw panpipe beat (sample bar: "my bed's so far from my kitchen I might build me an escalator"). The release of "Terminator" comes swiftly after Yachty premiered "Judgement Free" on Ebro Darden's Beats 1 show, where he also clapped back at everyone who says he can't rap with a freestyle that everyone who says he can't rap probably still hated. Love him or loathe him, Yachty's viral power is not to be ignored, so I'm going to make a strong call for woodwind rap as the sound of 2017 right now.  Listen to "Terminator" below:


(Image via YouTube)