This story is over 5 years old.

Computer Scientists Melted Werewolves to Show Off Their New Viscosity Formula

3D objects bounce, jiggle and melt to demonstrate an advance in building more realistic virtual worlds.

Computer simulated environments play an important role in modeling everything from medicine to robotics, and, of course, entertainment. Now, thanks to a better understanding of virtual viscosity, we're closer than ever to accurate jiggles and melts in our 3D objects.

New research by the Computer Science Department at the University of Freiburg, applied in this video, demonstrates a new formula for rendering viscous objects in a virtual space. According to the report, to be published in the journalTransactions on Graphics, this new method is more efficient and more capable of rendering multiple objects of different viscosities.

While the research and its resulting applications are nowhere near digestible at a layperson level, the video the scientists released to demonstrate their findings is a psychedelic series of melting werewolves, colliding rabbits, and coiling trails of toothpaste more evocative of a vaporwave music video than cutting edge advances in computer science.