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Listen to MUNCHIES Host Action Bronson's Brand New Song

While you wait for a brand new episode of Fuck, That's Delicious to air on MUNCHIES, listen to Action Bronson's brand new single, "Easy Rider" off of his upcoming album, 'Mr. Wonderful'.

When we are out on the road shooting, Fuck, That's Delicious, it is easy to forget that Action Bronson is not only a host on MUNCHIES, but a world-renowned rapper. I know that his career/status as a musician is the driving force behind why we even started making videos with him in the first place, but for the past six months, I have eaten—or filmed him eating—dozens of meals, from baking incredible baklava with his aunt to impersonating Guy Fieri and piloting a fan boat on the Louisiana swamp.


Ever since I first watched his Shiraz music video, I knew that Action was going to make his mark on food and rap music in equal weight. When I began working on Fuck, That's Delicious after Blue Chips 2 came out, I began to focus more on Action's ability to articulate flavor profiles and food experiences than verbal capabilities as a rap artist.

Just last week, I got to experience the full breadth of his talents while filming an upcoming episode of FTD that will take place in New Orleans. But today, the internet has the chance to listen to "Easy Rider," the first single off of Action Bronson's upcoming album, 'Mr. Wonderful,' produced by frequent collaborator, Party Supplies.

So while you wait for the next episode of Fuck, That's Delicious to drop, download Action's new single on iTunes.