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Chef's Night Out: Matt Orlando

We went to Copenhagen to visit Matt Orlando, the chef and owner of Amass who took us on a tour of his favorite places around town. Get ready for the holy trinity of new Nordic cuisine: brains, balls, and burritos.

Brains, balls, and burritos. The holy trinity of new Nordic cuisine. Well, maybe not quite, but this Munchies episode in Copenhagen proved to be an enlightening affair. Who knew there was such a place as the Chlamydia Castle? Our host for the day was Matt Orlando, the head chef and owner of Amass, the celebrated restaurant he opened last year in an old shipyard on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

The San Diego-born chef, who previously headed up the kitchen at Noma, cooked up a storm at Amass—including beef from the estate of an actual Danish prince—before taking us on a tour of his favorite places around town. First stop was restaurant Bror, where Matt and his friends devoured a whole lamb's head—including stuffed eyeballs—and washed it down with nuclear-strength pale ale. At Manfred's in Nørrebro, the menu included tartare and beef heart before the team tested their drinking boots at Mikkeller & Friends and its 40 taps of primetime craft beer.

It's an itinerary that would have killed a lesser man, but Matt finished off the evening throwing a bonfire party at Amass with a serious midnight feast of carne asada burritos and s'mores made with freshly-baked graham crackers. Those s'mores? Oh my…

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