A Year of Lil Wayne: Cash Money Like I'm Mack Maine

Happy President's Day weekend to the Young Money president, from Future.
February 18, 2017, 8:34pm

Day 151: "Smoke, Drank" feat. Mack Maine and Boo – Young Money The Mixtape Vol. 1 , 2005 / "No Problems" feat. Mack Maine, Curren$y, and Boo – Young Money The Mixtape Vol. 1 , 2005

Here's some good news: There's a new Future album out. It's self-titled, and it's awesome. You might be wondering what this has to do with Lil Wayne. Well, besides the broader meta-narratives, which include the fact that Future's artistic direction wouldn't really exist without Lil Wayne's influence and the fact that Future is probably the artist most closely following in Lil Wayne's career footsteps, there's also a good little Easter Egg for fans of the Weezyverse.


In the opening track of FUTURE, our hero shouts out a series of famous gangsters in the first verse, goes on to make the nefarious claim that your baby mama fucks him better when the rent's due, and then gives props to Cash Money and Mack Maine. The line goes, "yeah, I get cash money like I'm Mack Maine." Mack Maine, of course, is Wayne's longtime friend and the president of Young Money. He's a quiet presence in the legacy, but he's always there, and he's murdered more than his share of verses over the years. I also get the impression that he's a likeable guy because artists shout him out almost as often if not more often than Wayne himself. When Nicki Minaj posted about being in the studio with Wayne recently, the only person who got a shout out other than Wayne and Drake was Mack Maine. Lil B constantly shouts them out in the same breath. And here's Future.

What everyone seems to agree is that for all of Wayne's talent, part of his success is inexorably tied to Mack Maine. Plus, Mack Maine has one of the best ways of announcing himself on a track: "bitch it's Mack Maaaiiiine." So let's celebrate the legend. Here are two  great songs from Young Money The Mixtape Vol. 1, on which Mack Maine, Boo, and Wayne all go off. The latter also features Curren$y, but I'm including both because "No Problems" is actually a repeat of a Wayne verse I covered previously, the song "Motivation" from The Dedication. That's all. It's Future's weekend; pay your respects to Future. It's President's Day Weekend; pay your respect to the Young Money president.

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